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FAQs - KTEN WeatherCall


Frequently Asked Questions

How often am I called?

You are called whenever the National Weather Service issues a Tornado Alert, A Severe Thunderstorm Warning or a Flash Flood Warning that includes your registered street address. This could be anytime of the day or night. You may choose to receive alerts for only Tornado Warnings or only Severe Storms or only Flash Floods or any combination.

How Quickly will I be called?

The system will begin notifying within 1 minute of receiving the alert from NWS. However, if several thousand people need to be notified it could be as long 5 minutes before everyone is called.

What if my phone is busy?

If your phone is busy, the system will attempt to call you again, one minute later. The system will make 3 attempts to reach you.

What if my phone is not answered?

If your phone is not answered, the system will attempt to call you again, one minute later. The system will make 3 attempts to reach you.

What does the service cost?

The price of the service is $6.95 per year, for each street address you register in the system. Click here to Sign Up and begin registration.

Is my private information safe?

Your credit card information used to purchased the service is stored on a very secure system operated by Ebay. Your name, address and phone numbers are maintained on the WeatherCall Servers as they are needed to determine your location and method of contact for alerts. WeatherCall maintains its servers at very secure facilities. Our privacy policy may be reviewed at Privacy Policy. We do not share or rent or otherise distribute your private information to another organization. Your information is only used to provide the KTEN WeatherCall™ Service.

Will KTEN WeatherCall™ notify my pager?

Yes, using email. Contact your paging carrier for the email address of your pager. Then login to your Weather Call account and register the pager's email address.

How do I set up SMS Text messaging to my mobile phone?

KTEN WeatherCall™ will send SMS Text Messaging Alerts to your mobile phone by using the email address provided by your carrier. Contact your mobile carrier for the specific email address for your mobile phone.

May I register more than one street address?

Yes, but there is an additional fee of $6.95 per location. By registering additional locations you may extend the KTEN WeatherCall™ protection to your office, elderly parent or your child's school.  Click here to Sign Up.

May I register a location in another city?

Yes, KTEN WeatherCall™ is operational through out the United States, including Hawaii and Alaska.   To register a location outside the KTEN Television viewing area, click here.