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Oakridge Reveals Newly Discovered Documentation Pending Trial


Oakridge community officials revealed new information at a board meeting Thursday night that they believe strengthens their case against Pointe Vista Development. The case involves voting rights, which could ultimately affect the future of the lakeside community. KTEN's Jhen Kordela explains.

The issue at bay concerning the Oakridge community is put simply into two words: voting rights. The Oakridge Association's stance remains firm that each land owner should have one vote. Pointe Vista Development's take is one vote for each lot. According to Boyd Steele, president of the Oakridge Property Association, a lot ranges from less than half an acre to more than three-fourth's an acre. Within the community, consisting of approximately 250 people, Pointe Vista owns more than 400 of the 1,551 total lots.

"They bought them with an expectation, interest of -- and basically, the board of directors of Oakridge at this point have changes the parameters as they existed at the time of the purchase," says Jeffrey Landgraf, who represents Pointe Vista.

"If Pointe Vista was a viable corporation in 2003, perhaps that's true," says Steele,  "but I didn't know they were around in 2003, and that's when the voting rights were actually changed."

And, the documentation is exactly what was discussed in a public meeting, following a judge's decision that granted rights, allowing for the two parties to go to trial. Board members revealed documentation dating back to 2003 that reaffirmed the "one-owner, one-vote stance.

The governing body also stated that land originally purchased in another name was later turned over to Pointe Vista. They say the first recorded deed in Pointe Vista Development's name is dated November 26, 2007 -- more than 11 months after the board of directors amended voting bylaws.

The court date is currently set for October. According the Oakridge Association, they're prepared to go to trial.

- Jhen Kordela, KTEN News.

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