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Tips for Tornado Season


As the weather begins changing a new season rolls in. No, not spring, tornado season. Six words of wisdom from the National Weather Service are being passed down tornado alley. Get in, get down, and cover up. KTEN's Meredith Saldana reports.        

The Emergency Management Director has a few tips for local residents, as well as a must-have for this years tornado season.     

Tornado season usually starts at the start of spring.     

On average, here in Oklahoma, we see about 53 tornado's every year and weather experts have some tips for keeping safe.  

Remember that no matter how worried you (the adult) are, always stay calm for the children.     

Ed Reed, Director of Emergency Management in Carter County, says a family must-have this year is a weather radio.  

But what exactly will this radio do if there's a tornado warning?

Reed says, "If it is a warning it will tell you that a storm capable of producing a tornado, or a tornado, has been spotted at x,y, and z and it's traveling to a, b, and c at 30-35 miles an hour.  And that will give you a little geographic 'Ok it's here, it may be 10 miles away, I've got this much time to get my stuff together."

Also, when a tornado watch comes on, go ahead and calmly walk your family through what you're going to do if a tornado should touch down.  

This will help eliminate some of the chaos should you need to take cover.  

The weather radio's are available at places like Radio Shack, Wal-mart or Lowe's and range in price from 20-100 dollars.     

Meredith Saldana, KTEN News.