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Final Puzzle Piece in Place for Lake Texoma Development


U.S. Congresswoman Mary Fallin and Congressman Tom Cole introduced legislation Tuesday that would transfer ownership of 227 acres of shoreline on Lake Texoma from the federal government to the state of Oklahoma.     

The property transfer would be the final step before plans could continue for a  private resort and residential development along the lake.        

Late last year, land commissioners agreed to sell the 750-acre park to the Pointe Vista Development of Oklahoma City for 14-and-a-half million dollars. But 227 of those acres were subject to a stipulation, that if the state no longer uses the land, it becomes the property of the federal government.     

The introduced legislation would prevent that from ever happening, and ensure that Oklahoma owns that land.     

Congressman Tom Cole says it's a very important potential opportunity for Southern Oklahoma to build a major development worth hundreds of millions of dollars. That means jobs and tourist attractions that will benefit the entire region.

Cole said, "Lake Texoma really is a regional, a national resource, and it's a tremendous magnet in Southern Oklahoma. We've not been able to really capitalize on it as well as we would like in terms of private development. If we could get this land, move it out of the federal government toward the could be a real jewel."     

Cole and Fallin will now attempt to attach the bill to a bigger piece of legislation with bi-partisan support, making it more likely to pass and be signed into law.  

Andrea Kurys, KTEN News.