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Tattoo Parlor Concerns in Lone Grove

A heated topic at last night's zoning comission meeting in Lone Grove will be the subject of the town's next city council meeting on July 17th. A man recently bought a building on the edge of the Lone Grove city limits, and plans to open a tattoo parlor at the location. KTEN's Andrea Kurys reports on why some members of the community plan to fight this.      

For now, the man plans to open his business as a body piercing shop until he can legally make it a tattoo parlor later this year. The Lone Grove city manager says many residents have been calling city hall with concerns ever since they found out. Marianne Elfert says there's been so many strong opinions, the zoning commission decided to pass the topic on to the city council for recommendation at the next meeting. She says some complaints have been that the building is located on the main highway going through the city, and right next door to a daycare.

Residents KTEN spoke with today aren't sure yet if the parlor would be a negative impact on the city. Daina Wilson, a Lone Grove business owner said, " I dont think it would. I guess it would just be their hours, if it's late at night..people hanging out, I don't know, I just don't know."      

While city laws don't prevent a tattoo parlor from opening in Lone Grove, Elfert says business is supposed to be condusive to the promotion of the health and welfare of the people. She says most of the people she's talked to so far say the business is offensive.

Andrea Kurys, KTEN News.