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Police Shoots Pit Bull After It Attacks 11-year-old Boy


Another pit bull attack in Ardmore. This time an 11-year-old boy was rushed to the ER-- the dog shot twice. KTEN's Sarah Lindenberg reports.

This particular recidence has two brendel pit bulls described by some as docile and others hostile. That's what Ardmore police claim after shooting the dog dead in it's tracks the dog pictured here is the brother of the pit shot.

Billy Gentry was working at a house next to the dogs when he heard a young boy screaming. He jumped off of the roof to find a pit bull attacking a child. He called 911 and went to fight the dog off.

A passing motorist then drove the boy straight to the ER. Gentry told KTEN the dog acted vicious toward everyone in sight. He cleared the area of all children and blocked off the road with his car.

He said when animal control arrived the pit lashed out at the animal control officer. An officer arrived shortly after and pulled the trigger twice.

"they had shot this dog once it had come back into its own yard which is evident by the blood on the stairs and then they shot it again. There is no reason for that," Jennifer Hart veterinary student said. 

"That's my granddaughters dog my kids are calling me crying my granddaughters crying todays her birthday and she don't have her dog here," Sue Harris owners mother said.

The family of the dog told KTEN the pit, named Velvet, must have been tormented in some way. Velvet broke off of his leash and jumped the fence.

The owner said her niece was at the scene and was bringing the dog back in its yard when the officer unfairly fired.

Lt. Eric Hamblin who shot the dog told KTEN the pit came at him and was about to bite another woman and the niece who is pregnant.

Sarah Lindenberg KTEN News.