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Murray State College

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Murray State College Murray State College
Administration Building Administration Building
Chickasaw Memorial Fountain Chickasaw Memorial Fountain
Entrance Sign Entrance Sign
Poe Hall Poe Hall

Our History

Murray State College was established in accordance with an Act of the first legislature, approved May 20, 1908, which provided for "the establishment and maintenance of agriculture schools of secondary grade in each supreme court judicial district, with a branch agriculture experiment station and short courses in connection therewith."

Location Murray State College is located in Tishomingo, Oklahoma, the county seat of Johnston County and originally founded as the capital of the Chickasaw Nation. One of the oldest towns in Oklahoma and rich in a background of historical and cultural associations, Tishomingo has grown as a city of homes, schools and churches.

With a population that has never exceeded thirty-five hundred, the town has developed many of the conveniences of more populous cities without the civic problems that confront the larger industrial centers. Eight churches hold regular services in the town. Adding materially to the general desirability of the town and college is Lake Texoma, one of the largest manmade lakes in the world. This lake is immediately adjacent to Tishomingo and the Murray campus, and its location adds to the possibilities of an already well-known recreation center, besides providing unlimited opportunities for research in biology and other related fields.