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What is Connected TV Advertising

Connected TV is just simply any device that’s connects to a TV or streaming service through connection of the internet. This would include devices like Xbox, Amazon Fire Sticks, and even Apple TV. It’s really any device that you could use the internet for that’s connected.

Why Connected TV is the Golden Egg

If mother goose was attention, then her eggs would be whatever captures the attention and it soon will be Connected TV. Our goals as marketers are to find where are audience is online and get our companies there. With all these new “cord-cutters” making the switch from traditional television to Connected TV you finally have a chance to stay in front of the crowd.

Connected TV is becoming more popular than ever with the number of Connected TV viewers reached nearly 70 million in 2017 (Source: AdWeek) and that number is estimated to sky rocket over the next few years.

Number One Reason to start going Connected TV

Audience Targeting

The ability to target thanks to digital marketing has truly changed the game for many companies big or small. The biggest issue with traditional commercials is that you can’t really target. We all can guess that certain types of audiences engage with TV and estimated times, but nothing really supports that hypothesis these days.

As more and more people are “cord-cutting” we find it harder to get in front of those people who used their scissors to cut the cord. With Connected TV you won’t have that problem! In fact, the ability to measure impressions, view through, video competition, and actual engagement is exactly why you need to try Connected TV.

Connected TV will give you the ability to further target your online audience and see data that supports the spend that you’re allocating over to it.

Don’t Forget

Just like social media when viewers see the video ads through a connected device they are also in a different mood. Most Connected TV ads engage viewers who are within a relaxed state of mind due to how they’re absorbing the ad. Since the online consumer is viewing most likely during leisure time the ability to show an ad to a user who isn’t multi-tasking becomes possible!

Final Thoughts

With the ability to reach consumers with TV ads that are layered with extensive targeting capabilities, Connected TV is a no-brainer (not referring to the Justin Bieber song). Since Connected TV is in the baby stages of launching and quickly gaining momentum, we feel there is no better reason to jump into Connected Television ads.

If you want to place video ads in front of an audience that actually could be or is your current consumer then Connected TV is your Golden Egg of an opportunity.


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Truly leverage CTV

  • Going programmatic means using automation to buy and sell ad inventory. Don’t get left behind by not truly using all options for your CTV commercials.
  • Whether you’re advertising on Roku TVs or Xbox 360 knowing your audience and how to engage with them is key.

What could CTV really do for your business?

  • Traditional television lacks transparency and data which means you really don’t get to see how your audience is responding.
  • CTV allows for true data on your customer engagement journey. The better you understand you end consumer the more efficient your digital marketing can be!
  • Layering CTV with banner ads can give your Google Analytics the bump in traffic you’ll need to get faster ROI on your ad dollars.

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