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How Sherman's Walker Wedell found the end zone


SHERMAN, TX -  "We weren't really sure how he was going to like, you know, how the boys were going to receive him. But it's all been such a blessing" said Nicki Wedell.

"I was a little nervous at first but it didn't take long to realize that he was going to be okay" said Sherman Head Coach JD Martinez. 

Meet Walker Wedell, he's a senior at Sherman High and a 3-year member of the Bearcats football team.

"Seeing him at practice, interacting with us. You know he's not just standing there on the sidelines. He gets into drills, he does the same drills as us. It's just a blessing to have him with us" said Sherman Quarterback Tate Bethel. 

After three years of dedicated practice time, Coach Martinez started to think it was time for Mr. Wedell to get some time on the field under the Friday night lights.

"Someone had asked me his sophomore year when he first started if he was going to score and said well, hold on. He's a sophomore. I told myself that 'hey if he sticks around, he keeps coming back', we'll make it happen" said Coach Martinez.

True to his word, two years later Coach Martinez set in motion a plan to turn a young mans dream a reality.

"I had to think about what coach, what game would be a good situation. Homecoming? Hey, that's a pretty good date. Who are we playing? Northwest. I reached out to Bill and explained the situation to him and he was all for it" said Coach Martinez.

"It was a surprise. But Walker had apparently known all week and he didn't tell us" said Nicki Wedell.

Just before the teams went to the locker room for halftime, they ran one more play with Walker as the only intended receiver.

"How exciting was that for you, Walker? Yes! Pretty cool huh?"

"Kids like Walker, they just want to be apart, be like the other kids and when we talked about him going into football and stuff we didn't want for him to be a burden. The kids and coaching staff have been awesome" said Scott Wedell, Walker's dad. 

"He's always a joy to have in the locker room. Anytime that he walks in through the door everyone yells his name and it's just a joy to have" said Gage Smith, a senior safety.

"People think we're doing a lot for Walker, but nobody really realizes what he's doing for us. He's making us caring, he's making us giving. He's just making us better all the way around, as people" said Coach Martinez."