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2019 Whitesboro Bearcats Football Preview


WHITESBORO, TX -  "He gets after us which is good," said Whitesboro senior receiver Andrew Fletcher.

Coach Cody Fagan as all new coaches do has brought a lot of new with him, new offense, new defense, even new helmet logos, but the most important thing he's done according to his players not disregard the past.

 "The first week he was here he gave us a list and told us that he wanted us to write down all the things we wanted to keep and all the things we wanted to change, like traditions and stuff and I really think that helped us gel together to keep some of the old stuff that we liked and bring in some of the new stuff," said Whitesboro senior center Carson Hickman.

"We believe in what he is doing and believe that we are going to have a great season and that is all we are looking for," said Fletcher.

"We are excited to be here and it has been a great community thus far, lots of new stuff, we were talking earlier about the turf going in, these kids are really excited about getting to go open that stadium week two here against Aubrey, so it is a great place and we are excited," said Whitesboro head football coach Cody Fagan.

There are plenty of reasons for coach to be excited when he looks around at the talent that's been accumulated at Whitesboro, this team is going to be dangerous, especially on the outside.

"We have some really good receivers, we have some fast quick receivers that can catch the ball and outrun any corner back in the district," said Hickman.

"It just spreads the field so that way we do not have to run it all the time or throw it all the time, we have versatility so we can do whatever we have to do to get first downs and score and beat teams," said Fletcher.

That is the ultimate goal after all is to just that, beat teams, and after falling in the first round of the playoffs last season the Bearcats came out completely focused on avenging last year's early exit in 2019.

"They have shown the signs of not liking that, that have won around here for a long time, 8-9 years and they want to continue to win and be that class that opens up this brand new stadium and all this new stuff with wins," said Coach Fagan.