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2019 Dickson Comets Football Preview


DICKSON, OK - "Character, attitude, toughness, trust and effort" said Dickson head Coach Steve Day.

Those are hte five core values of the Dickson Comets football program. It's something that Head Coach Steve Day as instilled in his players since he first took over the program four years ago.

"These seniors have been with us for four years now, this is the first group that I've seen from freshmen to senior year. And I'm sure that today was kind of boring for some of those guys, because it's the same thing over and over again, which is big! That's good that we can go into more detail and work on the specific things rather than just learning the plays" said Coach Day. 

Coach day has watched this team struggle to build a foundation after only winning 2 games in 2016 and 2017, but last year, something started to click.

"It's progressively gotten better. These guys, these older guys, know what it takes to make a run in the districts and get to the playoffs. And the type of level of football that's associated with playing in that first round of playoffs. Even those young guys, those sophomores, those guys have been with us and we've been running the same plays since 7th grade all the way up so it's the consistency that's going to help those young guys" said Coach Day.  

Dickson graduated 15 seniors last year so many spots will have to be filled to with fresh faces. 

"We're trying to keep the legacy going by showing the next generation of how to teach each other so we can have a steady rate of men coming" said senior Trevor Baxter. An offensive lineman. 

After getting the taste of victory last year, their hoping that this year, they can build on that and make playoffs. 

"The district we're in, we can do damage. I think that we can make playoffs but also in the future make it a tradition" Said senior Rusty Beard. 

"Yeah we want to get back to the playoffs, that's the number one goal. I think if you get into the playoffs, that's the shot you ask for." Coach Day said.