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2019 Bells Panthers Football Preview

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BELLS, Texas -- "Everybody should have high expectations. If you don't, you're doing something wrong." said Bells head coach Dale West. 

The Bells Panthers are under new leadership this season. Dale West has taken over the program after being the head coach for two years at Collinsville.

"When you take over a program sometimes it's kind of challenging. It depends on the buy-in and the senior leadership. We have tremendous senior leadership so that's made it an easy transition" said West. 

"I remember the first time I met Coach West, it was during a power-lifting meet, just failed a lift, I was kind of down on myself and he just walked up and shook my hand. And that says a lot to me about a person. I had complete faith in him in that moment, I knew he would guide us in the right way" said senior Ben Branam. A senior who plays defensive tackle.

The Panthers went 4-7 last season and still clinched a playoff spot but fell 56 to 21 against harmony in the first round. They're hoping to change that this year.

"I set my expectations pretty high. I feel like we've just got a lot of potential and really I think it's going to amount to how much work we put in and what kind of mind set we have the physical ability is there, we've just got to keep our heads in the game" said Branam. 

"We're not stacking one side of the ball or another. You know, we're going to try to put kids on both sides of the ball to be successful" said Coach West. 

And even though this is West's first year at Bells, he's appreciative for the group of leaders that he has to help guide the program. 

"We talk a lot about senior leadership, every program does. There aren't a lot of them but the ones who've stayed, they have done a great job since I've been here and as long as they lead us, we can go as far as they lead us to go" Coach West said. 

Talent isn't an issue, but what matters is how they deliver on Friday nights.

"I don't think it's going to come down to people beating us, I think it's going to come down to ourselves beating us up. And that's really all we've got to overcome is ourselves." said Branam. 

"We're going to have to play our best every week, and to come out on top each week. But if we do all the little things right off the field, and grow the love in the locker room than we will be fine" said Coach West."