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2019 Whitewright Tigers Football Preview


WHITEWRIGHT, TX - "It is a return home to Texomaland, I grew up in this area and Whitewright really reminds me of my hometown it is kind of a one main street town and you have everything real close and the community is real close," said Whitewright head football coach Kevin Wiggins.

It is no surprise that the former Coalgate Wildcat and SOSU football player, Kevin Wiggins, is enjoying being back in his old stomping ground as the head coach of the Tigers and his players seem to extremely happy with their new leader too.

"I see it as a positive towards the team, he is very good with us is the best I can say, his mindset is a lot different than what we have had and he is really pushing us in the right way," said Whitewright senior center Jaron Gage.

"He loves to be here, he love his staff, loves his kids, he is a great coach," said Whitewright senior running back Dylan Cordell.

Although Wiggins has only been with this group for a couple minds it did not take him long to see big time potential in the 2019 Whitewright Tigers.

"We are explosive, I think we have the skill kids in the right positions so we can really spread the field, attack and get people in space and I think that could be one of our strengths," said Coach Wiggins, "Another one is this group is really heavy on the seniors and that group was here in 2016 when they went three rounds deep and that is the last time they made the playoffs so that is really on their mind,".

"I am hoping we make it rounds deep in the playoffs that is probably my one goal, to go big my last year in football," said Gage."