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2019 Van Alstyne Panthers Football Preview


VAN ALSTYNE, TX - "I think this year our defense has been tired getting a lot of points put up on so I think we'll be able to capitalize on that, shut them down. And I think our offense will still put up the number on them, on every body we play so that's our goal." said Jake Loganbill. A senior, offensive lineman. 

The Van Alstyne Panthers are taking no prisoners this season. 

"You know last year we started off the season 0 and 3. We kept telling the guys, and we could see it. I'm not sure all the fans saw it and some of the kids probably didn't see it but we were getting better each and every week. And when we got to district we had put a lot of things together. So hopefully taking it one game at a time, that's kind of our approach" said head coach Mikeal Miller. 

And that starts now in August.

"We've been looking forward to it all year long. Like ever since baseball season ended, it's really kind of switched gears from everyone getting ready for football season" said Jake Carroll, a senior running back. 

One significant person is missing from the roster this season, former quarterback Rhett Gallahger 

"Sometimes you have kids like that where you're not going to be able to replace everything that they brought to the table. And we just have to have other guys who step up and fill the different roles that he held for us the last couple years so you know, i don't know if that's going to be done by one person. But once again, we have a great senior class and I think that those guys can step up and take over those roles" said Miller. 

"He was a great leader for us for several years so I think everyone who was a captain last year just really has to step up and try to emulate that as much as we can" said Loganbill.  

"Obviously we want to go back and repeat district championships. And then if we can, we're going to try to go several rounds deep into the playoffs which is always a good plan for us but it hasn't worked out in the last couple of years for us" said Jake Carroll.

But their head coach has more lofty goals for the year.

"The dream? We'll I mean obviously the dream would be to win a state championship and that's something that is every bodies when you start off. It's the second day of 2-a-days and i'm sure that everybody in the state is talking about that. But you know we start off trying to win a district championship and trying to win playoff games. And hopefully that's our end goal, to win a state championship" said Coach Miller. "