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2019 Bonham Purple Warriors Football Preview


BONHAM, TX - "It is very fun, Coach Fish has made it so it is simple so we do not have to focus to much on the plays,so it is really fun," said Bonham senior guard Alex Aranday.

It is no surprise the Purple Warriors are enjoying themselves in John Fish's offense after going 3-7 in 2017 they finished 8-3 in Fish's first season and made a playoff appearance, not bad for year one, but far from the finish line according to coach.

"Anytime you have the opportunity to build on a season like we had last year it is great because it is a year that the kids have been in the system, they are coming in on day one with something to work from where as last year we are sitting there day one is truly an install, so being able to start a year that much further ahead is going to pay huge dividends for us," said Bonham head football coach John Fish.

Besides learning the offense Bonham spent the offseason grinding in the weight room getting stronger something they believe will show itself in a big way on friday nights.

"It will help us tremendously, on the offensive line it will help us push everybody so our running backs and our quarterbacks can get through these gaps way more easily and our receivers have more time to run their routes," said Aranday.

While winning a bunch of football games in 2018 changed the way many outsiders looked at Bonham football, Coach Fish is much more concerned with what that experience did inside his locker room.

"Sometimes the most important thing to change is your self-awareness and the perception that you have of yourself and I think obviously the success we had last year helps with that and sometimes kids do not know what they do not know and when you are able to reveal that they do have greatness inside of them that is what it is all about and just to see that with these kids and the effect it has on a program is so exciting," said Coach Fish "