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Whitesboro voters torn on legalizing liquor


WHITESBORO, Texas --- The city of Whitesboro has always been a dry city, meaning no alcoholic beverages  within city limits.

Now, for the first time ever: voters will have the opportunity to either keep the town dry or make a big change. 

For voter Glenn Moore, this vote is more than a 'yes' or 'no'; it's personal. "I was involved in an accident years ago that almost cost my son's life," said Moore. " the person was drunk and ran head on into us."

That's the reason why Moore is voting no on legalizing alcohol in Whitesboro, and he's not the only one. "People will go somewhere else to get it," says Moore's friend, Wayne Barns, "but they don't have to get it in Whitesboro."

However, you can go down Highway 82 to La Hacienda Mexican Restaurant, and it's known as the only business in town that sells alcohol by being a private club. Now, they want to see other restaurants have the same opportunity. "I think its a good thing for the community," says owner Isi Lopezla.

Another argument is that tax dollars from the alcohol will improve infrastructure and bring in more buisness. "Its a new forward for the city as far as keeping up with the times I guess," says voter Travis Lokker. However, Lokker says, the main divider on this issue, is age. "The younger people want it, the older people don't."

The last day of early voting is Friday, so you can either vote early or wait for the election on November 6th until the pols close at 7 pm.