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Antlers Bearcats Football 2018 Preview


 ANTLERS, OK - Over the past few seasons the Antlers Bearcats have had a great deal of success in large part because of the talented class of 2019. Now those guys take their turn as seniors for the Bearcats.

"It feels a lot different. You have got to take each memory in as your last because it is my last year doing all of this," said Antlers senior running back Zion Wood.

"I am excited. There was a lot of hard work in the offseason, a lot of lifting and running and I am excited to get to it," said Antlers senior quarterback Kaden Speer.

"We have a real good group of seniors. They have had a lot success since they were freshman playing with the high school. It is just a real good group of kids and hardworking kids," said Antlers head coach Kenny Speer.

Along with familiarity, Coach Speer knows this group of upperclassmen makes his job significantly easier this season.

"They know about hardwork, they know about preparing for big games so it is a very exciting time to be in Antlers," said Coach Speer.

"We don't have to teach all the new people a bunch of new things and we can be out here and when you know what you are doing you can execute it a lot harder," said Zion Wood.

While you should not expect much different from the Bearcats offense, one thing they will be adding in 2018 is a bit more versatility on offense.

"We are going to do what we usually do, a lot of running but we have some good receivers this year so we are going to be able to throw it a little bit," said Kaden Speer.

"If we want to run the ball inside we can do that and if we want to pass it we can pass it, we have a lot more variety of what we can do," said Zion Wood.

With all the success over the past few seasons the Bearcats know they are have a target on their backs each week, but that does not seem to bother them one bit.

"Coach always says that we are the team to beat so we always have to play our hardest," said Zion Wood.

"Number 1  is to get in there and make the playoffs and number 2 is to make sure we are in the district hunt and win the title," said Coach Speer.