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Lone Grove Longhorns 2018 Football Season Preview


LONE GROVE, OK -  "This is where I am supposed to be, out here coaching kids. It is very exciting times for me and exciting times for Lone Grove, the kids are very exciting and it is just one of those thing when you love something that is what you need to do," said Lone Grove Head Coach Brad Osteen.

Osteen had coached at Wynnewood before taking some time off from football and he has brought his passion and energy to Longhorns football and the players are already responding.

"I like what he has brought to the table. He is a hard worker and is pushing us to the limits," said senior lineman Matthew Throneberry.

"He is definitely going to make us work. There is no slacking with this coach," said senior lineman Mitchell Porter.

Lone Grove is looking for a shift in the program and Coach Osteen thinks he is the man who can make that happen.

"Just kind of giving this thing a spark and a little spark can go a long ways when you have something sitting out there that is ready to explode and I think that is what we have," said Coach Osteen.

" We are known as the underdog this year and I like it when they say that because it puts a fire in me. I am ready to go out there and be a better team as a whole and make playoffs," said Throneberry.

"We have had a few bad seasons in the past, but my personal goal is to make it to the playoffs at least and then once we get there we will go as far as we can," said Porter.