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Texoma Staycations: Lake Texoma

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Want to try a personal watercraft? They're available for rent at Highport Marina. (KTEN) Want to try a personal watercraft? They're available for rent at Highport Marina. (KTEN)

POTTSBORO, Texas -- It's summertime, which means gas prices are on the rise. And this year they are even higher than last year.

So how do you have fun without breaking the bank? We're here to help with KTEN's new Friday feature: Texoma Staycations.

Highport Marina is just one of many places on Lake Texoma where you can rent personal watercraft, pontoon boats, or inner tubes.

"I really love being out here," said marina employee Rachel Ross. "Everyone's always in such a good mood... they come out here expecting a great experience." 

Lake Texoma is a place for nature, relaxing, and -- most importantly -- fun.

"Take out their family, have the little ones go out to a beach, and just hang out and have a good time," suggested marina employee Kaylee Sanders.

Anne Alley and her daughter Haven were visiting the lake from their home in Dallas.

"We have a little condo up on the hill," she said. "It feels close enough that we can do it with kids, but it feels completely out of the city -- like just driving an hour."

Alley said she enjoys exploring the stretches of beach and calm lake water.

"It never feels too crowded, so we've loved it," she said. 

Personal watercraft can be rented for two, four, or eight hours at a time; pontoon boats are also available to rent for either four or eight hours; and the tubes, wakeboards, and water skis are rented by the day.

If you're inexperienced lake activities, there's no need to worry; Highport Marina staffers are happy to help you learn.

"We have a lot of customers that come in either kind of weary of the boat or just never experienced the lake experience before, and I think that they become more confident in their ability to drive the boat," Ross said.

"It's hard to come out to the lake and have a bad time!" added Sanders.

KTEN's Texoma Staycations will feature summer fun activities every Friday. Do you have an idea to share? Visit reporter Brittany Breeding's Facebook page and send her a message!