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Local Trainer Living the Dream as a Member of Team USA


Sheri Walters has been a part of a lot of teams. Now, she's on America's team.

"One of the teammates had her jacket on, with the logo," Walters said. "You just kind of catch yourself staring at (the USA apparel), thinking 'I'm about to get one of those.'"

The Wapanucka native and Coleman High School alumnae is the athletic trainer for the US Women's Ice Hockey Team. Bridging her passions for both being on a team and science.

"When I went to East Central, I honestly went in without much of a major," Walters said. "I got introduced to the athletic training staff and got involved with the program."

From ECU, Walters has had opportunities from all over. Including with professional franchises in the US as well as Paralympic Competition, but this latest adventure is a dream come true.

"It's a great honor to be able to work with them, but I didn't grow up watching the paralympics, I watched the Olympics," Walters said. "I watched the Miracle on Ice program. I'm hoping it's a similar out come with the ladies."

Walters says no matter how high the aspirations are, there is a way to make childhood dreams a reality.

"You may not be the next Blake Shelton, but there are tons of other professions within the industry that someone can get in to," Walters said. "These can lead to opportunities to go to the Super Bowl, the Olympics, the Emmy's or the Oscar's. You don't necessarily have to be the talent, I'm not the talent. I'm the support staff and I still get to experience the same thing."