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First and Ten Game of the Week - Week 4: Lone Grove vs Plainview


ARDMORE, OK – The Plainview High School football field will be packed and loud when their Indians take on the Lone Grove Longhorns and both schools know that records do not mean a thing when it comes to the Five Mile Feud.

“The Five Mile Feud is the only thing that matters,” said Lone Grove senior receiver Kemyon Sophus.

“We have played each other probably 10-12 times by now going into senior year and Lone grove, even though they are 0-3, they are going to bring everything they have got at us,” said Plainview senior center Kobi Moore.

“Well, one it is Plainview and that is how that goes and that is it. It is Plainview you have got to just get pumped for it and go,” said Lone Grove senior defensive end Seth Price.

“I think we are mainly focused on doing the things we are taught, staying out of the drama and going out and playing a good football game on Friday,” said Plainview senior linebacker Austin Teacle.

“It gets us really excited for the week and gets us prepared and makes practice more exciting during the week,” said Plainview head coach Joe Price.

“Last week was an off week for us, so we have had a little extra time to get riled up and everybody get healed and ready to roll and this is a huge rivalry that has gone way back,” said Lone Grove head coach Trey Owens.

While the rivalry runs deep, the Lone Grove Longhorns are embracing their role as the underdogs in 2017.

“We have nothing to lose no matter who we play, so let’s just go out there and put everything on the table and let the chips fall where they may at the end of the game,” said Owens.

“They can doubt us all they want, we are going to go in there and take care of business and do what we do,” said Price.

“If we don’t win any game, Plainview is the game we want to win,” said Sophus