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First and Ten Game of the Week - Week 1: Ardmore vs Ada


ADA, OK - "Our first game is really important to us, it sets the tone for the rest of the season," said Ardmore senior Chantz Scurry.

That is the case for all teams strapping on the pads for week one in Texas and Oklahoma, but week one in the towns of Ada and Ardmore has an added importance since the Battle of the Cats is one of the fiercest rivalries in Oklahoma.

"When you go to Ada you always go for the Ardmore no more game. It's the first game you really see what is going on and how the team is going to be so once you finally get to put it on and strap it up and play against those guys it all kind of hits you at once, like wow this is my turn," said Ada senior quarterback Jackson McFarlane.

"When we are in there lifting weights coach is in the yelling Ada, Ada, Ada and we are ready," said Ardmore senior Joseph Clark.

"Everybody always talks about it and a lot of people come to the first game, so that just puts us at a high standard for the rest of the season and we are going to come out strong. We are going to put points on the board and they are going to put points on the board but it is going to be a good game," said Ada senior Kylen Cooper.

"I mean, really we are all just fired up and ready to go, I can't wait," said Ardmore senior Chantz Scurry.

Even with the intense rivalry both coaches have a healthy respect for the program they love to beat more than anyone else.

"Opening up the season with Ada is a big time tradition. They have an amazing tradition and they have a heck of a coach and good players. It definitely has our kid's attention," said Ardmore head coach Josh Newby.

"It is kind of a measuring stick to see where we are going into the fall, but it is just a week one game that has a lot of excitement around it. It is a great evaluation tool and then after the ball game is over with we will figure out where we are at and make the adjustments we need to and then start getting prepared for week two," said Ada head coach Chris Berus.