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2017 Fox Foxes Football Preview


FOX, OK – Most high school football programs are built around a single town pulling together to cheer their team on, but the Fox Foxes are built of many towns coming together to form one united football community.

“Here at Fox we don’t have a town. We are spread out over a bunch of miles and the school is just here. So we fight the battle of not everyone can get up here on time but they generally help each other out, but the tradition of the program helps and these kids are excited about it,” said Fox Head Coach Brent Phelps.

The 2017 Foxes certainly have plenty to be excited about, starting with an explosive weapon lurking on every offensive play in the Fox backfield.

“This backfield that we have this year is as quick as any backfield I have ever had here,” said Phelps.

“I think with our blocking we can get just one step plays and be in the end zone,” said senior running back Danny Coates.

“Those are just the best blocks when you know you are the one that helped them get in the end zone those are just the best blocks ever,” said senior fullback Dalton Davis.

“You hit holes a lot quicker, you are able to do a lot of things a lot quicker especially in 8-man. It helps the line out because they don’t have to maintain blocks as long when the running backs are as quick as they are,” said Phelps.