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2017 Caddo Bruins Football Preview


CADDO, OK - There’s no doubt the 2017 Caddo Bruins are a skilled bunch, but this year’s squad possess one attribute that can’t be taught or learned and is more valuable than any 40 yard dash time, leadership.

“A lot of the players can come to an upperclassman and just really talk to us if they need any help in school or just need somebody to talk to or if they need advice we can really all lean on each other when we need to,” said senior Matthew Jenkins.

“I think this team works really well together. You have got to have that comradery and that selflessness that a team will demonstrate in order to be successful and I think this team demonstrates that,” said head coach Jeremy Proctor.

“We have got a really strong bond out here and we all play pretty good and we really don’t dog on each other too much,” said senior Drew Schoolcraft.

That closeness is put to the test even more in 8-man football, with three less guys on the field it is even more essential that they all have each other’s backs.

“In 11-man you have people to lean on if you miss your assignment, in 8-man if you miss your assignment that could lead to a first down or even a touchdown,” said Jenkins.

“You are down three players. You take away two linemen and a back and then everything else is the same. I mean its football. We run power game, we run options, we spread it out. The only thing that is different is you are just missing a couple players, but its still football to us and it just fits what we need to do,” said Proctor.