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2017 Antlers Bearcats Football Preview


ANTLERS, OK - "These kids are hard workers and we are just excited about the year and excited about these kids," said Head Coach Kenny Speer.

"We don't quit. We've got that drive to keep going in the fourth quarter," said senior Matthew Bloodworth.

Bloodworth and his Bearcats teammates are not only driven by their pursuit of the playoffs, but also their love for each other, their school and their community.

"I'm looking to get the most out of this year. It's our last year being with this group and we want to see what the most is we can get out of it," said Bloodworth.

Although it will be an emotional year for the Antlers seniors, this fun loving group always finds time to play a prank or two.

"We had a cowboy rodeo last year in the locker room and it was the funnest thing in the world. I think we are all mentally ready for the season, we just like to have fun in the locker room but on the field we are straight ahead," said senior Justin Trammell.