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2017 Davis Wolves Football Preview


DAVIS, OK - "I got there my Freshman year and didn't get to play a whole lot and that's been my goal since then. I had a couple close calls the last two years, but I feel good about this year," said senior Gunner Arms.

Davis has been flirting with a state title in recent years and with an elevated focus this offseason the 2017 version of Wolves football is primed for success in week one and beyond.

"It makes it easier to focus when your body is in shape like these guys. They paid the price way early in the mornings," said Head Coach Jody Weber.

For the Davis Wolves the long offseason wait is over and and the entire pack is going full steam ahead in pursuit of an Oklahoma state title.

"It's hard for us to say we don't think about it. We are trying to win the day, but in the back of our mind we know we worked really hard to put ourselves in the conversation," said Weber.