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2017 Lone Grove Longhorns Football Preview


LONE GROVE, OK - Lone Grove football is back and ready to get things going.

“We had a good practice today and it just feels good being back out here with everybody,” said senior Shelden Brown.

“It feels great just to be back out here with all my family and everything,” said senior Stephen Meek.

“Well, it’s all I know. I got into coaching because growing up it was such an important and huge part of my life. Just from fourth grade and going up. I couldn’t imagine not being part of a team and in a football locker room and just to be around the guys. It’s nice to get out here and smell the grass,” said head coach Trey Owens.

Lone Grove football is as excited as any team to get this season started after missing the playoffs last year, but this year’s squad thinks it has found the recipe for a playoff return in 2017.

“We are just going to work harder than everybody else,” said Brown

“I think we are getting tighter as a team and as a family. We are going to understand that everyone has their role. All 62 kids in the locker room are very important in some way. Whether you’re a starter or not, everybody has their place with us,” said Owens.

“We are all a family and everyone is going to help us succeed. It’s not about one person it’s about us all,” said Meek.