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Marina fire victims vow to return to Lake Texoma

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POTTSBORO, Texas -- U Dock at Highport Marina went up in flames on Wednesday, leaving behind the memories of countless summers on the lake.

Doszens of boat owners watched helplessly as their weekend getaways burned to the bottom of Lake Texoma.

"When we got here, the big boat and the little boat were already engulfed," one tenant said. "All we were seeing were fire cyclones coming out of the gas tanks."

Stephen Green and Kellie Rose have spent the past 12 years at Highport Marina.

"It was like watching your house go down, and watching your friend's house next to you go down, and just the whole neighborhood go up in flames in 10  minutes,"  Green lamented.

Stephen Green and Kellie Rose
Stephen Green and Kellie Rose lost their boat in the Highport Marina fire. (KTEN)

"Hell, it's like death and divorce;  this is our family," Lisa Nicholson said. "Yeah, it's very hard, very hard," Lennie Nicholson added.

Lennie and Lisa Nicholson agree that U Dock will be back in business as soon as possible.

"Get back with everybody just to console each other... we will, I know we will," Lennie said. "Highport is going to do a great job of keeping us together, and when they rebuild it ... put it all back together, and we will have one heck of a party."

The Texas State Fire Marshal's office is still investigating the cause of Wednesday's fire, but they did receive information that the fire was ignited by a spark from someone who was working on a boat on the dock.

Efforts are underway to removed the charred hulls from the water. Highport Marina has pledged to rebuild U Dock.

Charred remains of U Dock
The charred remnants of U Dock at Highport Marina. (KTEN)