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Fire victim praises Denison neighbors

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DENISON, Texas -- A community is coming together to help a family in need after fire damaged their home on Silver Spur Drive Thursday night.

Tim Edwards had the shock of his looked outside his house on Silver Spur Drive around 9 p.m. and saw flames coming from the attic.

"I told my daughter, 'I'm going to go out to my man cave and smoke a cigarette real quick before we go to bed,'" Tim Edwards recalled. "Went out there and sat on my chair, looked up, and saw flames coming out of the attic."

His friends and family have been telling him all day how happy they are that Edwards took that smoke break around 9 o'clock.

Tim Edwards

"I couldn't be more thankful," he said. "I have two granddaughters that live here; it just so happened they had spent the night with their grandmother. It's a good thing I smoke, I think."

Edwards said he was overwhelmed by all the support his family has received -- from the establishment of a GoFundMe account; to new furniture for his granddaughters; to the shoes on his feet.

"We have the best neighbors out here that anybody could ever ask for," Edwards said. "I didn't have any shoes; we had a neighbor bring me some shoes, and my son-in-law some shoes. They had to bring him some clothes, too, 'cause he didn't have any clothes on -- he was in a towel."

Denison investigators are working to find out how the fire started. 

Edwards said he has insurance on the house. but there's one thing no policy can ever replace.

"I'm thankful that everybody got out safely," he said. "Most of this stuff, it can all be replaced -- maybe a few pictures or something that didn't get out. But other than that, yup, we're thankful."

Silver Spur Drive house fire
Interior fire damage at Tim Edwards' home in Denison. (KTEN)