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Carter County DA: Deadly force justified in fatal shooting

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ARDMORE, Okla. -- The Carter County District Attorney has ruled that the use of deadly force by a gun range employee was justified.

Jonathan Braun, 58, was shot and killed on May 22 in the parking lot of Grandma's Indoor Gun Range on Highway 70 east of Ardmore.

District Attorney Craig Ladd said an investigation revealed that prior to the gunfire, Braun had physically assaulted a woman he employed to clean his camper at an RV park adjacent to the gun range.

The gun range employee heard yelling outside and saw the woman, who had been stripped of her clothing, Ladd said in a written statement. Braun then grabbed a piece of metal tubing and "approached the suspect in a threatening manner," the district attorney said,  adding that Braun managed to hit the gun range employee in the hand as he was swinging the pipe.

The employee fired two shots; Braun later died.

"The suspect in this case was clearly justified in his use of deadly force," Ladd concluded.

The district attorney noted that a toxicology report revealed that Braun tested positive for methamphetamine. "It is well known that methamphetamine use commonly results in erratic and bizarre behavior," Ladd said in his statement.

The gun range that employed the man who was cleared in the shooting closed last month, saying on its Facebook page that the area is "just not ready to support an indoor range."