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Sherman tackles dangerous neighborhood eyesores

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SHERMAN, Texas -- The city of Sherman is making headway on a clean-up project.

They've torn down 20 houses this year, and a total of 50 in a city-wide effort to Make Sherman Beautiful.

Although the project is easy for a bulldozer, it's not always as simple for the city itself.

"That really involves a number of different departments," said city spokesman Nate Strouch. "It's a complicated process; there's a number of legal hoops to jump through."

Making Sherman beautiful

But in the end, they say it's worth it to keep moving forward to reduce dangerous eyesores.

"City management has really been working on to try to beautify the city... make sure that we're tearing down old buildings when we have the owner's permission to do so... and generally just stepping up our efforts in that department."

The effort is endorsed by City Council member Shawn Teamann.

"When it comes to cleaning up trash and trash vehicles and things that maybe bring down the image of Sherman, it's very important to the citizens and to us as a city," he said.

City leaders said they're already taking steps to expand the clean-up campaign.