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ATM theft suspects nabbed in Ardmore

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Nicolae Catel and Virgil Dinita (Carter County Sheriff) Nicolae Catel and Virgil Dinita (Carter County Sheriff)

ARDMORE, Okla. -- Ardmore police are calling it a modern day "bank robbery."

Two men are behind bars after they were found with ATM skimmers and cash. On Saturday, the men were seen walking back-and-forth from a cash machine at the MTC Federal Credit Union, 2001 12th Avenue NW.

Police confronted the men and found thousands of dollars in cash, blank credit cards, and a skimmer inside the ATM that was used to electronically read information from cards inserted by unsuspecting bank customers.

ATM fraud evidence
Evidence seized from ATM fraud suspects. (Ardmore PD)

The suspects were identified as 45-year-old Virgil Dinita of Dallas and Nicolae Catel, 32. They are scheduled to appear in court on Thursday facing charges of fraudulent use of credit card numbers.

At least four people report having money stolen after using that tampered machine.

"'m feeling pretty upset," said victim Ashley Jackson. "I was in shock. Like I went through the drive-thru just to get my daughter something to drink and my card was declined."

The Secret Service is taking a look at the evidence along with Ardmore police. Investigators say the two men in custody may be connected to a Dallas-based fraud ring.

ATM closed
The ATM machine at MTC Federal Credit Union was disabled after it was allegedly used for credit card fraud. (KTEN)