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2017 Independence Day weekend travel beats record


GRAYSON COUNTY, Texas -- If you're traveling this holiday weekend heads up.  AAA of Texas says this is the busiest travel weekend they've ever seen. 3.2 million people are expected to hit the roads in the state of Texas according to AAA.

Nationwide 44.2  million are expected to drive. That increase is 3% from last year's numbers. The reason, a booming economy and lower prices at the pump.

"People have more income discretionary income this year. Incomes are rising and you've probably noticed it at the gas pump you're paying less for gas than you were last year. In fact, some places in Texas, gas is less than two dollars a gallon. Dallas is paying a little bit more but once you're north of Dallas in the Sherman/Denison area, the prices drop so, it's good news for drivers this season," said spokesman for AAA Daniel Armbruster.

AAA says they expect to rescue 338,000 motorists nationwide due to so many on the roads. They encourage drivers to check tires and batteries before hitting the road and download the AAA mobile app.