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Van Alstyne police search for felony suspect

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Van Alstyne PD Van Alstyne PD

VAN ALSTYNE, Texas -- Police in Van Alstyne are trying to find a man linked to a felony investigation.

A manhunt unfolded Thursday afternoon near the downtown district in the 100 block of North Dallas Avenue.

Authorities are looking for a man named Mike Stoker. Van Alstyne police said Stoker fled after he was pulled over for a traffic stop.

Sources said Grayson County Sheriff's Office and K-9 units searched the area for him. They were especially interested in a vacant house.

"They had the dogs and then they busted in the door of the yellow house," said neighbor Star Duncan. "They were just everywhere."

Police said Stoker is a suspect in a felony investigation but would not be more specific.