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Deputy details encounter with swim-away suspects

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MARSHALL COUNTY, Okla. -- Deputies from Marshall and Bryan counties continue their search for two vehicle theft suspects who swam away as the long arm of the law approached on Monday.

Marshall County Deputy Damon Robinson said he thought about jumping in Lake Texoma as the man and woman got away, but couldn't because of his gear.

Can you help find the elusive duo?

They are identified as Michael Miller, 42, and Sharon Smith, 47. They may have been driving a stolen red pickup truck parked near the beach at Washita Point. The vehicle went missing last month.

Deputy Robinson said he immediately knew something wasn't right when he pulled up at the scene.

"Got the female to tell me her name; whenever I asked what her boyfriend's name was, she turned to him and said, 'Hey, what's your name?'"

Robinson said Miller then gave him a fake name. The couple remained in the water as deputies found Smith's ID Inside the stolen truck.

A Marshall County deputy surveys the scene where two truck theft suspects fled in Lake Texoma.
A deputy looks for clues on the shore of Lake Texoma where two car theft suspects fled by swimming away. (Marshall County)

"It was a red flag," Sheriff Danny Cryer said. "So then he went to speak with the two subjects again, who were now further out into the water than they were when he got there."

The couple swam away and ran into a wooded area across a cove after Robinson asked the couple to come out of the water and talk to him. They weren't fully clothed.

"We kinda looked at each other puzzled," the deputy said. "Whenever he got out of the water and we didn't see any bathing suits or anything."

They ran into thick brush during their hasty escape. Cryer said the couple shouldn't be too hard to identify.

"With no clothes, no shoes, I would assume they're going to have pretty good insect bites and scratches and cuts on them," the sheriff said.

Call 911 if you've seen Michael Miller or Sharon Smith.

Michael Miller and Sharon Smith
Michael Miller and Sharon Smith are truck theft suspects who swam away from an investigating deputy. (Marshall County)