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Schoolmates offer support for Gunter girl with alopecia

Micah Fisher Micah Fisher

GUNTER, TX -- This Grayson County community is rallying to support a young girl who is battling alopecia, a disease that causes hair loss.

Nine-year-old Micah Fisher has a smile that lights up the whole room, but her grin briefly lost its sparkle a few years ago when she started losing small patches of her long, brownish-blonde locks.

"It made me feel sad and unhappy,” Micah said.

She was diagnosed with alopecia — an autoimmune disease that causes hair loss — when she was six. Losing her hair started off slowly, but then the bald patches began to multiply.

Shally and Micah Fisher

"It was about a two-year process that it finally came out, and she's gone two years now completely bald,” said Micah’s mother Shally Fisher, a Pre-K teacher at Gunter Elementary School. 

But Micah has an army of supporters. More than 300 hundred students and faculty members at Gunter's elementary and middle school donated $1 last week to wear a cap to school to raise awareness about alopecia. 

“It makes me tear up. It's incredible to see the support that she has, that we all have here at this school,” Micah's mother said.

The schools jointly raised $500 for the Children’s Alopecia Project for alopecia research, bringing back Micah’s contagious smile

"I feel great now that everyone knows that I have alopecia,” Micah said.

The Children's Alopecia Project also hosts a summer camp each year called Apoleciapalooza to help build self-esteem and provide support for families.