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Police Search for Burglar of Local Business


ARDMORE, OK -- “I cannot even describe to you, everything in the shop area that was stolen."

Connie Dickson and her husband Rick say 30 years of building a business was lost when a crook decided to steal everything. From vehicles, to an antique roll of stamps, Dickson says they have been wiped clean.

"An air compressor, we had a cutting torch, which they used to pry the safe open, we had pry bars even, so... the amount of power tools and everything he needed to run his business."

Ardmore police are following leads, but say they need your help in finding the alleged culprit.

Assistant Chief of Police, Kevin Norris said, "If you see someone suspicious to call us. You know, a vehicle that is not normally at a business at a certain time of night or during the day to give us a call... and we can come and check it out. We would rather somebody call and it be nothing than it be something and no one call us."

The Dickson’s say they have a feeling it was someone who knew the business well.

"I just feel like that it was somebody that knew... that had been in this office, knew that we had a safe, knew what we had what we had in the shop."

Until an arrest has been made, Ardmore police say they are doing all they can to find the accused thief.

"They, officers worked on it through the weekend, the investigators and crime scene is working it even today, as we speak, and until we figure out what happened and who did it, they'll continue to work it," Norris said.