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Highway 177 Bridge Imploded after 65 Years


DICKSON, OK-- Now just pieces of metal that will soon be hauled away, the old Washita River Bridge in Dickson, held more weight to some than just transportation. 

"It's a lot of history that's not here anymore," Mary Buchanan said. 

The bridge that was constructed 65 years ago, went down with a bang Tuesday morning. 

"It's probably the only time you're going to experience anything like that and it was quite emotional," Shari Sims said. 

ODOT says the old trust bridge wasn't designed to handle the traffic amount and weight of modern vehicles, engineers say the structural concerns called for the bridge's replacement. 

"The old bridge, if we had a wide load going through it, people would have to stop and wait until they got through," Beryl McDonald, who remembers when the bridge was built, said. 

People we talked to in the area who grew up in Dickson say they are sad to see a landmark go after so many years.

"As children, my husband played under the bridge with his cousins, his siblings and his friends, and they ran up and down the banks and swam and just had a good time, it was hard for him to see it go because of all the years he spent there," Buchanan said.  

But, they were up with the sunrise to see it one last time. 

"A lot of people that I went to school with when we were growing up, they spent a lot of time under this bridge and I kind of want to give a shout out and say, this is for all the Comets," Sims said. 

Crews are now working to haul off and remove the debris from the implosion, the project should be complete by thanksgiving.