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Speed bump controversy among Pottsboro neighbors heats up


POTTSBORO, TX-- A plan to stop speeders in one North Texas neighborhood is pitting neighbor against neighbor and leaving the city council right in  the middle.

Last month the city council in Pottsborro agreed to install speed bumps near the middle school after neighbors reported a rise in speeding in the area.

But now the council is tapping the brakes on the plan to stop speeders after another group of neighbors said not so fast.

People living on Bryant Street in Pottsboro said they noticed an increase in speeding last month, so they asked the city council to install speed bumps

"He gave us some complaints forms and basically told us if we had enough complaint forms come back, it would be considered," homeowner Dawn Hix said.

The council agreed to install speed bumps, but not everyone in the neighborhood was happy about it.

"The mayor was contacted by an individual who lives on Bryant Street. He expressed some concern that he had not been contacted and been given the opportunity to express he was for or against speed bumps,” City Manager Kevin Farley said.

To make it fair to all 37 people living on the street the city said they tried to take a survey of who was for or against the change. When that didn't work they mailed out ballots.

"Those are the pink forms," Farley said.

Parents with children said they worry someone will get hit by a car especially around some blind curves in the road.

"We did request one in front of the curve, of course not in front of anybody's driveways.  Not where it would obstruct backing in or out," Hix said.

But others said they think the speed bumps are unnecessary.

"Do I see people speed down the roads? Occasionally, sure. But as a whole I don't see it. To me it’s an eye sore,” Chris Witkowsky said.

The city said homeowners have until October 25th to turn their ballots in to city hall. Then they'll make a final decision based on the vote.