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"It's been a tough journey;" Young Boy Doesn't Let Being Blind Hold Him Back


COLBERT, OK- A Texoma boy who was born with a cancer that took his eye sight is defying odds and his family hopes his story can inspire others.

Every Sunday morning 6 year old Keshawn Kemp goes to church with his grandmother at the Lighthouse of Colbert Oklahoma.

"Oh I've been bringing Keshawn every since he was baby. He's always come to church with me," said his grandmother Laverne Storey.

Keshawn plays the drums during worship.

"I learned. How did you learn to play so well? I taught myself," said Keshawn.

But what you may not be able to see is that Keshawn is blind. He was diagnosed with bilateral retinoblastoma at two months old.

"It's a rare type of cancer for kids. There's two to 300 cases each year which is actually tumors in his eyes," said Keshawn's mother Sholnda Ford

The tumors were so aggressive that Keshawn lost his eye sight. He went through chemo and radiation and has been in remission for the last two years.

"It's been a tough journey but he doesn't know any different. We treat him like he's any other person," said Ford.

Not only does Keshawn play drums, but he can anything

"Just because he's not able to see, it doesn't justify anything. He's able to read. He reads braille. He plays with toys just like any other kid does. He rides a bike, a scooter so I mean he's not any different," said Ford.

Keshawn's ability to do all these things his grandmother says comes from above, and he's a blessing to the entire community.

"I sought God for the situation he was in and this is why he is excelling the way he is because when the word of God goes forth, you receive this kind of blessing we're seeing right now," said Storey.

His family wants others to be inspired by Keshawn.

"You can do anything. As long as you set your mind and heart to it. God doesn't take anything from anyone you just have to take that step and go for it," said Ford.

Keshawn has regular checkups every six months. Part of his treatments are done in Pennsylvania which they go back in November.