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School Board Meets After Mistreatment Allegations Surface


ARDMORE, OK -- A local school board met in executive session today, after the family of a 10-year old autistic boy claimed their son was mistreated at school.

The Ardmore school board met in executive session Wednesday morning to discuss a lawsuit filed against the district.

"This involves student A and we're trying to resolve this with to everybody’s satisfaction," Ardmore City Schools Superintendent Kim Holland says.

'Student A's' family is accusing the Charles Evans Elementary School staff of misconduct and mistreatment; they say several staff members called their son bad names.

They also claim they mocked his autism and left him alone in a closet.

"That’s pretty despicable, you have to trust people when you send your kids to school, and in special cases like this, I don't know if there is a correct punishment," Ardmore resident, Ray Moore says.

The family says their lawyers have advised them not to speak about the case right now, but the child's mother has told us they have video proof of the incident.

"Well video don’t lie does it?," Ardmore resident Kim Cook says.

Ardmore superintendent Kim Holland says the schools number one priority is the safety of its students.

"We think we can satisfy FAPE, and take care of their needs, from an educational stand point and we just want to get back to educating children and not dealing with the legal issues," Holland says.

After the 10 year olds parents complained to school administrators in April, the school released a statement saying "it disputes the parent’s claims and looks forward to vigorously defending itself and its employees.”