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Local businesses team up to help veterans get back on their feet


GRAYSON COUNTY, TX-- When military men and women return home it can sometimes be hard for them to find work or have enough money to provide for themselves and a family.

Knowing there's a large population of veterans in Texoma, Grayson College and local businesses are teaming up to help veterans get back on their feet.

Organizers said out of more than 250 Texas counties Grayson County is number two in the state for the highest veteran population.

"Reports that I got for the North Texas area, now that includes Cooke County, Grayson, Fannin County, the tri-county area roughly about 21,000 veterans," Grayson College Veteran Outreach Specialist Billy Teague said.

Hundreds of veterans poured into Grayson College Tuesday with high hopes of finding people who could help them discover benefits they may not already be aware of.

Air Force veteran, George Bailey, said he's looking into health care benefits and the possibility of buying a home.

"The mortgage for one, buying a house as a veteran what benefits do I receive, I can claim. And then the health benefits of course," Bailey said.

Bailey said sometimes it's hard to get help as a veteran.

"A lot of times I don't know what to ask. I have questions, but I don't know how to really ask. And then who to ask," Bailey said.

But this veteran expo is giving local businesses and veterans a chance to have one-on-one relationships and get many questions answered.

Navy veteran, Michael Price, spent his morning networking hoping to find a part time job. But he said veterans need to also help themselves.

"It's up to them to get out there and get it because it's not going to come to you," Price said.

Places like the American Red Cross are lending veterans a helping hand with their "reconnection workshops".

"The reconnection workshops are small little group work sessions that are geared towards the service member or veteran and their family to help them kind of reconnect back into civilian life," Jennifer Cato with the American Red Cross said.

The workshops help veterans deal with stress and cope with depression and conflict.

Below is a full list of local places that can help veterans:

2016texoma veterans resources expo

EXHIBITORS confirmed to participate

  1. Alorica/Cody Perryman (Durant) and Sherman (Tonya Jackson) locations will share a table)
  2. American Legion Post 29/Robert VanZandt and Howard Day
  3. American Legion Post 62/Larry Harding
  4. American Red Cross/Bobby Jolls
  5. K-9 Center/Howard Day
  6. Grayson College Foundation/C. Perez
  7. Grayson College Small Business Development Center/Dr. Karen Stidham
  8. Grayson College Student Veteran Association/T. Ellis
  9. Salvation Army/Major Tex Ellis and B.K. Schlesinger
  10. Texas Farm Bureau/Mark Frazer
  11. Texas Veterans Commission/Michael Ribble
  12. USAA/Karl Morgan
  13. VA Bonham/Lee Herrera (4 tables total for VA: Nursing, HR, Eligibility, Patient Advocate, EEO,
  14. VA Bonham/Amy Burton   Mental Health, MWF, Social Work, CWT, Minority Affairs )
  15. VA Bonham
  16. VA Bonham
  17. Texas Veteran Land Board/Scott Zacheus
  18. TCOG/211 Program/Mary Browning-Alquist
  19. Home Hospice of Grayson County/Keitha Lane
  20. Experience Works/Freida Niblet
  21. Texoma Community Center (Veteran Support Services)/Penny Poolaw
  22. Emerson Fisher Control/Melissa Anderson
  23. Wounded Warriors Project/Dan Ruppert
  24. DARS/Daniel Clark
  25. Grayson County Health Dept./Alicia Hernandez/Marsha Wilson
  26. VFW 2772/ Jeremy Bart Ford
  27. Denison Chamber of Commerce/Melanie Truxal
  28. Texas State Guard/Sgt. Jeff Jones
  29. Perrin Museum/Ms.Unerfusser will share table with Penny Poolaw
  30. Dept. of Labor, Roxann Griffith, speaker (no  table needed)
  31. Congressman Ratcliffe’s Office/Kathleen Conner (no table needed)
  32. Knight Family Chiropractic/Amy Knight
  33. Dialog-Direct/Joshua Shelton
  34. Blake Utter Ford/Carl King
  35. Texas Veterans Leadership Program/Charles “Chuck” Connor (share with Mike Ribble)
  36. Easy Life Realty/Tanner or Rebecca Barclay
  37. Veterans Administration/Dallas/Alonzo Price/Amy Clark
  38. Workforce Solutions/Lisa Dickerson
  39. Divine Equine/Nell Ward/Mary Jacobs
  40. TCOG Texoma Senior Corps/Virginia Rhodes
  41. TCOG/Section 8 VASH/Sophia Pedriza
  42. Investable Realty/Teresa Barrera
  43. Service First Mortgage/Elvira Rodrigues