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Tishomingo Teacher Arrested for Lewd Acts with 14 Y/O - Phone Conversations Released


TISHOMINGO, OK-- The wife of the superintendent of Tishomingo Schools has been arrested and accused of a crime against a student.  

Duncan was arrested by the OSBI this morning in the parking lot of the Tishomingo Alternative school in the 300 block of South Mclish Street.

The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation says she is also a teacher and cheer coach.

An official affidavit, reveals lurid details concerning the alleged relationship, after the minors phone was released to law enforcement.

The boy states 48 year old Shelley Jo Duncan and he "kissed numerous times with open mouths," and talked about having sex, saying "I love you."

"Shes supposed to be a public figure, might not be good for her," Randy Cash said. 

It all started when a concerned mother went to Tishomingo Police with a suspicion of the relationship with her 14 year old son.

Duncan was arrested Friday morning by OSBI agents  and booked into the Johnston County Jail on a complaint of "lewd or indecent proposals or acts with a child under the age of 16."

" You think in a small town like this it'd be more like the Andy Griffith show you know, more traditional values, but I'm disappointed more than I'm angry," Paul Dameron said. 

The affidavit goes on to say on a trip to the movies with Duncan's daughter and the victim, she rubbed his inner thighs and sent text messages saying "every single thing you do looks good," telling him she would give him oral sex.

"I never thought anything like that would go on here," Cash said. 

We reached out to her husband, Superintendent Kevin Duncan, as well as school board members but did not hear back.

Some citizens expressed concern that she won't be held as accountable as a male teacher would, conviction of these crimes can hold up to 20 years in prison.

"The male usually gets blamed a lot of times, when it might not be their fault you know, because yeah we may objectify women but women take advantage of us too," Sam Beaty said. 

Court officials say Duncan bonded out of jail for $20,000.

She should appear in court sometime next week.