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Carter County Free Fair Educates and Impacts Economy


ARDMORE, OK-- After about a year of planning, the Carter County Free Fair is back in Ardmore for the 74th year. 

"It's a really fun and laid back show and its a good opportunity for us kids to bond together and hang out," Emma Meeks said, who's showing livestock. 

The fair opened Wednesday at the Hardy Murphy Coliseum.

Organizers say it's the county's longest running event, to entertain and promote traditions, talents, diversity, and agricultural heritage in the area.

"Your quilters, your baked goods, things people are making or spending time doing, and they come out to compete so, I think it's good for the agriculture and the education part of it," Fair Manager Angie Green said. 

Craft exhibits, food vendors, and carnival rides are all part of the fair, that all bring hundreds of people to the area. 

"It's a great impact for the economy of the area and I think it's really good for the kids who raise the animals," Gayle Alexander said. 

And whether it's fun on the rides, a sheep being judged by it's wool, or a cow for it's hamburger potential, many say it's all about the agricultural learning and teaching experience. 

"Right now I have younger kids that I'm teaching responsibility with animals, it teaches you great responsibility because you have to learn to care for them, to water them, to feed them, just for them to know that they have something else to take care of," Hailey Stamper said. 

Saturday is the last full day of events. You can find a schedule at: