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School Features Police In Back To School Viral Video


VAN ALSTYNE, TX- A back to school video that has gone viral on social media captures Van Alstyne Middle School and the community coming together.

This year the school partnered up with the Van Alstyne Police Department.

The halls were filled with excitement at Van Alystne Middle School for the first day class, but days before the first bell rang, the anticipation  had already set in thanks to a viral video.

"It is the most viewed video that our middle school has produced," said Asst. Principal Kelly Moore.

The video features teachers, police, fire and town hot spots.

"Oh I think it's great," said Kelley Anderson.

In light of recent police shootings, for the first time the school featured the Van Alstyne Police.

"We did have some fun and some of need some dance lessons more than others, but we really did have a great time," said Police Chief Tim Barnes.

Police Chief Tim Barnes says this gave officers a chance to show students that there's a person behind the badge.

"Be a part of the community. Know your community and let them know you. That's the main thing letting them know you," said Chief Barnes.

The video is a hot topic in town and people say it portrays what Van Alstyne is.

"It really does. Just seeing the policemen, firemen and all the kids and Ms. Moore and just all the other teachers," said Anderson.

School leaders say the video was about partnering with the community and without them their job wouldn't be complete.

"We know to get a well rounded student well beyond academics it takes everyone in our community to make sure that happens," said Moore.

Below is a link to the entire video.