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2016 Marietta Indians football preview


The Marietta Indians have their sights at the top this season. Wanting to be the team that dethrones the Davis Wolves in 2A-4.

"Coach Weber does a fantastic job up there with those kids, but there comes a point in time when teams like Marietta need to step up and say enough is enough," Marietta head coach Matt Suffal said. "We are going to go four quarters with you and see where we stand at the end." 

The Indians are hoping their speed and elusiveness can lead them not only into playoffs, but playing a game at home.

"We have some tremendous playmakers at running back with Chris Campos and Jonathan Escobedo," Suffal said. "We also have a couple of wide receivers who can break it open at any time in Tagunn Matthews and Michael McCarroll."

The players are confident that a home playoff game game can bring excitement back into the Marietta program.

"I would be extremely excited because I've never played in a playoff game, and I would love to have it at home," Junior Tagunn Matthews said. "We're going to have to play hard all year, work hard and see how it goes."

"It would be great to host. To get all the fans, I mean, we haven't hosted a playoff game in I don't know how long," Senior Levin Liddell said. "We have to work hard and put our minds to it. We can do anything once we do that."

The Indians pride themselves on being a team that has grown up together and loves being out on the gridiron.

"This team has a lot better chemistry," Suffal said. "We've had good teams and chemistry in the past, but this team has a lot of fun together. They are excited about the game of football even when it's 100 plus degrees outside. They also make it fun for the coaches, it makes our job a blast."

"When we first started playing we were just in peewee over in Gainesville," Liddell said. "We've come a long way and grown up together."

Marietta opens its season August 26 at Dickson.