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2016 Caddo Bruins football preview


2016 Caddo Bruins football preview

If it were up to the Caddo Bruins, they would have the season start tomorrow.

"You're always ready for that first game," Bruins head coach Jeremy Proctor said. "Wilson will come over here for the first game and we will try to prepare for that one game at a time, and look for our goal which is a district championship later."

The Bruins return a core group from last season's 6-5 squad including Colton Ledford at quarterback, Daniel Hawkins at running back and Daniel Stone at full back. Just 3 of the 11 seniors for the Bruins.

"You always want them to carry the young guys and show them the right way to go," Proctor said. "I've challenged them to be more of leaders than they were last year. They have started doing that and we've seen progress."

The seniors from Caddo want one thing in return for all their hard work and dedication.

"Hopefully that state championship game," Stone said. "Hopefully we can get there and play hard."

"It would mean a lot to us to make a playoff run during our senior year," Hawkins said.

No matter the result this season, they have been happy to play with the word Caddo across their chest.

"To not only honor ourselves are we are one of the only football schools in the county, but to honor our school and everyone around us," Stone said. "It means everything, it's our pride and our joy. We have a sign in our locker room that says we live for this sport with the words Caddo Bruins below it, we touch it every time we leave,"

Caddo opens its season against Wilson on September 2.