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2016 Dickson Comets football preview


Let the Steve Day era begin in Dickson.

"I'm trying to instill new thoughts, new ways of doing things, and obviously new offensive and defensive schemes," Dickson head coach Steve Day said.

A new scheme, doesn't mean the comets will be pumping the brakes any time soon.

"We cant slow down our pace, we have to keep it going at a high level, and high speed so no one can keep up with us," Senior Chance Sweeten said. "I think we're the fast moving and pace team in the district." 

Day inherits a group of eight seniors that are more than ready to taste the postseason in their final season.

"We're trying to make the most of it and be the best team we can be," Senior Jacob Reames said. 

What won't be in question about the comets, is their willingness to put in the extra work.

"I haven't seen one person that hasn't worked hard on this team in my four years of being here," Sweeten said. "Everybody gives it what they got, we're always complimented on how hard we work. Well, we do that because we want to win."

"Sometimes when you come into a new place you worry about the effort they are going to give right away," Day said. "That was never in question with these kids. It's not like i brought in a new idea of how to work. They were ready to go, and i really appreciated that out of them."