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Madill Wildcats 2016 football preview


After three season of 4-6 records, the 2016 Madill Wildcats are working for a winning record and spot in the playoffs. 

"It just puts a bad taste in our mouths," Senior quarterback Raygan Dodd said. "We are in it every year and this year we need to get it done. It motivates us."

"There comes a point when you get tired and you want to man up," Wildcats head coach Milton Cooper said. "I think with the number of people we have returning from last year, we will have the chance we've been looking for."

This year's Wildcat squad is lead by veteran lineman Danny Sanchez and quarterback Raygan Dodd, who are a part of a solid Madill senior class. 

"They've got to lead the way for us," Cooper said. "We have a lot of young kids that will need to play those back up roles. Our seniors need to take control, take ownership of this team. I think they are going to do what is expected."

"We are going to work harder this year and try our best," Sanchez said. "We are going to have more experience out there, and hopefully that will help us out." 

It isn't only on the players though, the team will look to their head coach to right the ship this season. 

"He just motivates us when he talks to us," Sanchez said. "He really motivates us."

"He is always there motivating you," Dodd said. "And he is always there and has your back." 

"You know the kids grow on you," Cooper said. "This is my sixth season here. The community has bought in, the kids have bought in. It is really a family." Coach. 

The Wildcats hit the field for zero week at Bridgecreek