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Community Helps Korean War Veteran To Reunite With Comrades


SHERMAN, TX- A Texoma marine who fought in the Korean War is getting the chance to reunite with some of those he fought with. All thanks to the generous giving of those from the community. At 88 years old, James Haun is one of only a few veterans who fought in the Battle of Chosin Reservoir that is still alive today. Next week he'll get to see and visit with others who fought alongside him.

James Haun still remembers what it was like when serving his country during the Battle of Chosin Reservoir. Not only were the American warriors dodging bullets from across enemy lines, but struggling to stay warm with winter temperatures 60 degrees below zero.

"We had one guy who froze to death in a sleeping bag because we didn't have anything but summer clothes on," said Veteran James Haun.

The winter so harsh, food and water was hard to keep thawed.

"Our food was frozen. Our water was frozen. We got hands full of snow from the ground for water. That's how we kept our mouth from getting dry," said Haun.

Telling war stories, one of Haun's favorite is how they made a code word for when they were running low on ammo. They came up with tootsie rolls. They made a call for tootsie rolls and it saved Haun's life.

"Well we got a plane load of  tootsie rolls. It probably helped save our lives because that's all I had to eat for about a week there," said Haun.

On Saturday, Haun, his wife and their care taker are heading to San Diego California for the "Chosin Few Reunion. A chance to visit with fellow comrades and support marines who've enlisted.

"It's very enjoyable to get to meet them and talk to them and see that they're still alive," said Haun.

The trip was made possible thanks to a community effort.

"They've made it very easy for me to get to go. I start talking about and I get choked up," said Haun.

One of the women involved in helping make this trip possible says Haun is more than deserving.

"He has served his country so faithfully for so long," said Elise Bennett.

It's a trip of a lifetime. Something Haun says he can't wait to share with his wife of nearly 62 years.

"I'm very pleased and excited about it.," said Haun.

Along with community donations the Twilight Wish Foundation helped fund the $10,000 for the trip.

Saturday a motorcade will escort them to the train station where their journey will begin.